Summer of International Basketball Schedule

  Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Live Streams (if available) should be found: here

Great Britain Summer Schedule:

Great Britain Senior Men World Cup Qualifiers 2019 at Glasgow Emirates Arena

Friday 29th June GB Men 74-65 Estonia at 7:30pm

Monday 2nd July GB Men 59-67 Israel at 7:30pm

GB Men miss out on the second phase of qualification.


Great Britain U20 Women 7-15 July Oradea, Romania - Division B, Group A (Coached by Mystics' Head Coach Jeff Jones, and support staff include Mystics' Natalie Chaloner and Dominique Allen)

7th July Israel 72-55 GB at 1:00pm (Video)

8th July GB 61-76 Romania at 5:30pm (Video)

9th July Lithuania 54-65 GB at 3:15pm (Video)

11th July GB 59-70 Ukraine at 3:15pm (Video)

12th July Greece 50-58 GB at 1:00pm (Video)

14th July GB 62-61 Denmark at 1:00pm 9-12 Classifications Games (Video)

15th July GB 64-72 Greece at 1:00pm 9th-10th Classifications Games (Video)

Great Britain U20 Women finish 10th place


Great Britain U20 Men 14-22 July Chemnitz, Germany - Division A, Group A

14th July GB 62-76 Turkey at 2:45pm (Video)

15th July Montenegro 80-70 GB at 12:30pm (Video)

16th July GB 74-85 Lithuania at 7:15pm (Video)

18th July Croatia 93-62 GB at 12:30pm Round of 16 (Video)

19th July GB vs Greece at 2:45pm 9-16 Classification Games (LiveStream)

21st July Classifications Games

22nd July Classifications Games


Great Britain U18 Men 28 July - 5 August Liepaja - Ventspils - Riga, Latvia - Division A, Group D

28th July GB vs Montenegro at 12:00noon

29th July Serbia vs GB at 12:00noon

31st July Lithuania vs GB at 4:30pm

1st August Classification Games

3rd August Classification Games

4th August Classification Games

5th August Classifications Games


Great Britain U18 Women 3-12 August Furstenfeld - Gussing - Oberwart, Austria - Division B, Group C

3rd August GB vs Austria at 7:15pm

4th August Turkey vs GB at 7:15pm

5th August GB vs Montenegro at 2:45pm

7th August Netherlands vs GB at 12:30pm

8th August GB vs Denmark at 7:15pm

10th August Classification Games

11th August Classification Games

12th August Classification Games


Great Britain U16 Boys 9-18 August Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Division B, Group A

9th August Ireland vs GB at 1:15pm

10th August GB vs Romania at 3:30pm

11th August Luxembourg vs GB at 3:30pm

13th August GB vs Portugal at 8:00pm

14th August Sweden vs GB at 3:30pm

16th August Classification Games

17th August Classification Games

18th August Classification Games


Great Britain U16 Girls 16-25 August Podgorica, Montenegro - Division B, Group A

16th August MKD vs GB at 5:15pm

17th August GB vs Sweden at 2:00pm

18th August Montenegro vs GB at 7:30pm

20th August GB vs Iceland at 5:15pm

21st August GB vs Greece at 2:00pm

23rd August Classification Games

24th August Classification Games

25th August Classification Games


Wales Summer Schedule:

Wales U16 Boys 3-11 Julys Serravalle, San Marino - Division C, Group B (Ben Gordos and Henry Lythe De Pee)

3rd July Malta 60-71 Wales at 1:30pm

Luke Gordos played 37 minutes had 22 points 7 rebounds 9 assists 3 steals

Henry Lythe De Pee played 7 minutes had 1 rebound  

5th July Wales 68-71 Gibraltar at 7:00pm

Luke Gordos played 17 minutes had 3 points 7 rebounds 3 assists 

Henry Lythe De Pee played 22 minutes had 5 points 2 rebounds 4 assists 2 steals

7th July Scotland 58-65 Wales at 11:30am

Luke Gordos played 37 minutes had 16 points 11 rebounds 5 assists 4 steals 1 block

Henry Lythe De Pee played 11 minutes had 2 rebounds 1 steal

8th July Wales 56-50 Andorra at 4:30pm

Luke Gordos played 29 minutes had 7 points 4 rebounds 4 assists 4 steals

Henry Lythe De Pee played 9 minutes had 4 points 1 rebounds

10th July Wales 66-56 San Marino at 7:00pm (Semi-Final)

Luke Gordos played 39 minutes had 20 points 4 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals 3 blocks

Henry Lythe De Pee played 8 minutes had 2 points 2 rebounds 1 assist

11th July Andorra 84-49 Wales at 6:00pm (Final)

Luke Gordos played 21 minutes had 10 points 5 rebounds 1 assist

Henry Lythe De Pee played 13 minutes had 2 points 2 rebounds 1 assist 1 steal

Wales U16 Boys finish in second place

This page will be updated with results, information of players from the club that are involved and their stats.


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