Haris Tournament 2018 Team Announcement - CD Povoa

  Saturday, December 1, 2018

The 13th annual Haris Memorial Tournament is nearly upon us, as ever the Tournament takes place on 27th - 29th December at the Manchester Basketball Centre. In the build up to the event we've got some exciting announcements to make about the 2018 edition of the Tournament.

Today we are delighted to inform you of the third of the eight attendees at this year's event are: CD Póvoa (Portugal).

Haris Tournament 2018 Team Fact File - CD Póvoa

History: The Sports Club of Póvoa (CD Póvoa), is a non-profit institution founded on 26th December 1943 in Póvoa, Portugal (north of Porto), offering a wide-range of sports including Roller Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Auto Racing, Football, Swimming School, Judo, Darts and Badminton, and have a strong history of basketball success over the years.

Haris Tournament Appearances: 1st appearance

Keep an eye on the website for more team announcements in the coming days.


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