Magic and Mystics Coaches for 2022/23

  Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Manchester Magic and Mystics are delighted to announce our National League coaches for the 2022-23 season. 

Manchester Magic U12/U14 3 - Head Coach Marc Jagger, Assisted by Sergio Lara-Bercial, Paul Middleton, Ambokile Bell and Andrew Vourliotis. 

Manchester Magic U14 2 - Head Coach Jason Parr Hilton, Assisted by Ed Bradley 

Manchester Magic U14/U16 2 - Head Coach Tom Paraskeva, Assisted by Adeleke Osinaike, Jason Parr-Hilton and Gareth Westwood. 

Trafford Magic U16 - Head Coach Mark Hamilton, Assisted by Tom Paraskeva 

Manchester Magic U16/ U18 Trafford - Head Coach Adam Morris, Assisted by Andrew Lang 

Manchester Magic U18/ Division 1 Men - Head Coach Peter Paraskeva, Assisted by Joshua Perkins, Will Brown, AdelekeOsinaike & Sergio Lara-Bercial 

Manchester Mystics U12 – Head Coach Rehana Khalil 

Manchester Mystics U14 1– Head Coaches Joe Andrew, Assisted by Holly Bryan, Natalie Fuertado. 

Manchester Mystics U14 2 - Head Coach Jim Carnegie, Assisted by James Carnegie

Manchester Mystics U14 3 - Head Coach Steve Keary, Assisted by Phil Matthews and Adam Masters.

Manchester Mystics U16 1 - Head Coaches Robert Fairely and Hannah Alty.

Manchester Mystics U16 2 - Head Coach Natalie Fuertado, Assisted by Joe Andrew and Marc Jagger. 

Manchester Mystics U18 1 / 2 - Head Coaches Robert Fairely and Hannah Alty.

Manchester Mystics Div 2 Women – Coaches to be confirmed.  



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