Haris Memorial Tournament

Haris CharalambousHaris Charalambous Memorial Basketball Tournament


The Haris Memorial Tournament takes place at the end of the year and is held to remember Haris Charalambous, one of the top players to come out of the Magic programme.
Haris died suddenly while training with his NCAA Division 1 Toledo University team in October 2006.
He showed all the qualities we desire in a Manchester player, both on and off the floor
His mother, Polly, and his sister, Elena, always attend the tournament to watch the action and present the trophies. Sadly, his father, Kypros, also died in July 2010.
The club would like to thank Manchester City Council for their support in hosting this amazing event, which regularly attracts teams from around the world.
Haris Memorial Tournament 2017
Tournament Line-up
CB Novaschool Malaga (Spain)
Charnwood College Riders
Elite Academy Antwerp (Belgium)
England National Team
Manchester Magic U18
Manchester Magic U16
Myerscough College
Værløse Basketball Club (Denmark)

Haris Memorial Tournament 2016

Winners: Ireland

27-29 December,  Amaechi Basketball Centre




Final Table
1 Ireland
2 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
3 England
4 City of Edinburgh
5 Manchester Magic
6 Derby Trailblazers
7 Nova School, Malaga, Spain
8 Sligo All-Stars


Daniel Whelan MVP Award: Sean Jenkins (Ireland)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Craig Nichol (Edinburgh)
All Star 5: Joshua Ogundale (England), Kyle Jimenez (Edinburgh), Brian Amabilino Perez (Derby), Quest Harris (Worcester) and Adam Drummond (Ireland)



Pool A Pool B
Worcester Academy England
Nova School Ireland
Manchester Magic Derby Trailblazers
City of Edinburgh Sligo All-Stars


Tuesday 27th December
C1 G1 Worcester 84 - 75 Edinburgh
Worcester: Paul Durkee 18 pts, Mitch Doherty 17 pts, Quest Harris 15 pts, Jordan McAllister 14 pts
Edinburgh: A Ferguson 20 pts, R Armour 15 pts, K Jimenez 15 pts, K Kantorski 12 pts
C3 G2 Ireland 86 - 101 Derby
Ireland: Sean Jenkins 22 pts, Mark Gilleran 16 pts, Oisin O'Reilly 10 pts, Adam Drummond 10 pts
Derby: Brian Amabilino Perez scored 37 pts, Leyton Elliott-Sewell 24 pts, Charlie Woodyatt 8 pts
C1 G3 Manchester 73 - 65 Nova
Manchester: Kaiyem Cleary 22 pts, Josh Pearce 14 pts, Michael Anumba 14 pts
Nova: J Fernández Carrilo 15 pts, F Ortega Fernández 13 pts, L.J.J. Lehtinen 10 pts
C3 G4 England 131 - 41 Sligo
England: Reginald Chuks 17 pts, Zion Tordoff 16 pts, Joshua Ogundele 14 pts
Sligo: Oisin O'Reilly 15 pts. Lee Sherlock 7 pts, Jamie Callaghan 6 pts.
Wednesday 28th December
C1 G5 Manchester 51 - 82 Worcester
Manchester: Michael Anumba 17 pts, Kaiyem Cleary 14 pts, Josh Pearce 4pts
Worcester: Paul Durkee 22 pts, Jack Zimmerman 17 pts, Jordan McAllister 9 pts
C3 G6 Nova 65 - 74 Edinburgh
Nova: Javier Fernández Carrilo 20 pts, L.J.J Lehtinen 15 pts, Romero/Mena 8 pts each
Edinburgh: Ryan Armour 21 pts, Kyle Jimenez 21 pts, Chris Jackson 13 pts
C1 G7 England 81 - 59 Derby
England: Zion Tordoff 18 pts, Romario Spence 14 pts, Joshua Ogundele 9 pts
Derby: Brian Amabilino Perez 18 pts, Leyton Elliott-Sewell 12 pts, Sam Coles 9 pts
C3 G8 Ireland 77 - 60 Sligo
Ireland: Jamie Callaghan 21 pts, Luke McLoughlin 18 pts, Julian Jarmolowicz 7 pts
Sligo: Sean Jenkins 22 pts, Cian Heaphy 13 pts, Adam Donoghue 11 pts, Sam Walsh 10 pts
C1 G9 Worcester 83 - 57 Nova
Worcester: J Zimmerman 18 pts, M Doherty 15 pts, J McAllister 13 pts, P Durkee 13 pts, J Martindale 12 pts
Nova: Francisco Ortega Fernández 10 pts, L.J.J Lehtinen 10 pts, Gómez/Romero 9 pts
C3 G10 Manchester 54 - 72 Edinburgh
Manchester: Michael Anumba 12 pts, Wesley Oba 9 pts, Arinze Emeka-Anyakwo 8 pts
Edinburgh: K Jimenez 20 pts (incl. 5 3s), K Kantorski 14 pts (incl. 4 3s), R Armour 13 pts
C1 G11 England 64 - 91 Ireland
England: Zion Tordoff 17 pts, Micah Savery-Richards 14 pts, Swaine/Henry-McCalla 8 pts
Ireland: Adam Drummond 19 pts, Cian Heaphy 18 pts, Sean Jenkins 17 pts, Donal Ring 10 pts
C3 G12 Derby 110 - 34 Sligo
Derby: Callum Singleton 23 pts, Leyton Elliott-Sewell 21 pts, Brian Amabilino Perez 19 pts
Sligo: Luke McLoughlin 10 pts, Matthew Donnellan 9 pts
Thursday 29th December
C1 G13 Derby 74 - 69 Nova
Derby: Brian Amabilino Perez 29 pts, Sam Coles 16 pts and Leyton Elliott-Sewell 10 pts
Nova: L. Juhani Johannes Lethinen 21pts, J. Fernández Carrilo 14pts F. Ortega Fernández 10pts
C3 G14 Manchester 96 - 38 Sligo
Manchester: Kaiyem Cleary 18 pts, Josh Pearce 14 pts and Mo Abushego 12 pts
Sligo: Oision O'Reilly 14 pts, Luck McLoughlin 14 pts and Lee Sherlock 4 pts
C1 G15 Worcester 91 - 88 England
Worcester: Quest Harris 23pts, Mitch Doherty 19pts and Charlie Clay 15pts
England: Caleb Fuller 18pts, Joshua Ogundele 18pts, Kayne Henry-McCalla 14pts and Zion Tordoff 14pts
C3 G16 Ireland 79 - 78 Edinburgh
Ireland: Sean Jenkins 23 pts, Donal Ring 18 pts and Adam Drummond 14 pts 
Edinburgh: Kyle Jimenez 39pts, Ryan Armour 13pts, Alexander Ferguson and Finay Wood both 8pts 
C1 G17 Derby 55 - 82 Manchester
Derby: Brian Amabilino Perez 23pts, Leyton Elliott-Sewell 12pts and Jrae Lue 6pts
Manchester: Michael Anumba 19pts, Arinze Emeka-Anyakwo 16pts and Kaiyem Cleary 14pts
C3 G18 Nova 78 - 34 Sligo
Nova: L. Juhani Johannes Lehtinen 25pts, J. Fernández Carrilo 13pts and J. Toro Mena 13pts
Sligo: Matthew Donnellan 12pts, Luke McLoughlin 12pts and Julian Jarmolowicz 5pts
C1 G19 England 98 - 85 Edinburgh
England: Kayne Henry-McCalla 19pts, Zion Tordoff 18pts and Eisley Swaine 16pts 
Edinburgh: Ryan Armour 23pts Konrad Kantorski 19pts and Kyle Jimenez 19pts 
C1 G20 Worcester 91 - 103 Ireland
Worcester: Quest Harris 28pts 11reb 10as 2st 2bl Mitch Doherty 28pts 14reb 6as 1st 2bl Paul Durkee 11pts 4reb
Ireland: Adam Drummond 24pts 9reb 9as 3st Sean Jenkins 24pts 9reb 5as 1st 1bl Cian Heaphy 15pts 8reb 11as 2st
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 Tournament History


  Final Table 2015

1 Proctor, New Hampshire, USA
2 England
3 Turkey
4 Charnwood, England
5 Scotland
6 Escola de Bàsquet Masculí Osona, Olost, Barcelona, Spain
7 Manchester Magic
8 Sligo All-Stars, Ireland
Daniel Whelan MVP: Caleb Green (Proctor)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Josh Merrington (Charnwood)
All Star 5: Tim Fava (Charnwood), Ragip Berke Atar (Turkey), Geordano Baker-Occues (Proctor), Luke Mitchell (England), Tshiefu Ngalakulondi (Proctor)
 Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Douglas and Danielle Kelshaw


Final Table 2014

1 Tilton Prep School, New Hampshire, USA
2 St Andrews School, Rhode Island, USA
3 England U18 National Team
4 Club Boulazac Basket Dordogne, France
5 C.B. Cornella, Spain
6 Manchester Magic U18
7 England U16 National Team
8 Sligo All-Stars, Ireland
Daniel Whelan MVP: Terance Mann (Tilton)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Michael Hart (St Andrew's)
All Star 5: Joshua Norbal (Boulazac), Marc Corral (CB Cornella), Carl Wheatle (England U18), Chancellor Ellis (St Andrew's), Franklin Porter (Tilton)
 Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Jim Carnegie


 Final Table 2013

1 England U18
2 Manchester Magic U18
3 Baskets Akademie Weser - EMS
4 CB Cornella
5 England U17
6 Sligo All-Stars
7 Manchester Magic U16
8 CBSZ Basketball Academy Zurich Wildcats
Daniel Whelan MVP: Joshua Steel (England U18)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Karl Brown (England U18)
All Star 5: Pharroh Gordon (Magic U18), Damia Paez (CB Cornella), Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye (England U18), Deane Williams (England U18), Keno Pape (Akademie Weser)
 Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Aline Macready

Final Table 2012

1 CB Cornella
2 Akademie Weser
3 Magic U18s
4 Kos Sarajevo
5 Switzerland Select
6 Belfast Stars
7 England U17s
8 Magic U16s
Daniel Whelan MVP: Aureli Luquero (CB Cornella)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Arne Chorengel (Akademie Weser)
All Star 5: Conor Porter (Magic U18), Edin Atic (Kos Sarajevo), Alessandro Verga (Switzerland Select), Constantin Kalmund (Akademie Weser), Ferran Ventura (CB Cornella)
 Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Dot Booth, Colin and Sandra McGuire

Final Table 2011

1 Breitengüßbach Germany
2 Magic U18
3 CB Cornella (Spain)
4 Luxembourg
5 Scotland
6 Solent
7 England U16
8 Manchester Magic U16
Daniel Whelan MVP: Phillip Daubner (Breitengüßbach)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Ulf Schabacker (Breitengüßbach)
All Star 5: Alejandro Blanco (Cornella), Max Hilger (Luxembourg), Jordan Whelan (Magic U18), Conor Porter (Magic U18), Johannes Thiemann (Breitengüßbach)
Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Paul Taylor

Final Table 2010

1 England
2 Manchester Magic 1
3 Breitengüßbach
4 Luxembourg
5 Cyprus
6 Cheshire
7 Manchester Magic 2
8 Solent
Daniel Whelan MVP: Joshua Ward-Hibbert (England)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Mark van Schutterhoef (Luxembourg)
 Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Graham Williams

Final Table 2009

1 Germany
2 England U18
3 Manchester Magic 1
4 Reading Rockets
5 Scotland
6 Kortrijk Sport CB
7 Romania
8 Manchester Magic 2
Daniel Whelan MVP: Malik Müller (Germany)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Filip Vandorpe (Kortrijk)

Final Table 2008

1 Gran Canaria B A
2 England U18
3 Manchester Magic 1
4 Solihull
5 Zurich Wildcats
6 Reading Rockets
7 Kortrijk Sport CB
8 Manchester Magic 2
Daniel Whelan MVP: Stanley Dubois (Gran Canaria BA)
Kornel Tober Coach Award: Richard Parker (Solihull)

Final Table 2007

1 Blair Academy
2 Manchester Magic 1
3 Sheffield Sharks
4 Switzerland
5 Kortrijk Sport CB
6 Birmingham
7 Manchester Magic 2
8 Stol-Grasshoppers
Daniel Whelan MVP: Hakeem Harris (Blair Academy)

Final Table 2006

1 CB Granada
2 Manchester Magic 1
3 Scotland
4 Switzerland
5 Manchester Magic 2
6 Ellesmere Port
Daniel Whelan MVP: Frederico Orrego (CB Granada)



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