Greater Manchester Community Basketball takes safeguarding very seriously to ensure children are protected at all times. Its policy and procedures, which are reviewed regularly, ensure that all persons involved with the club are vetted effectively. It two safeguarding officers, Gary Williams and Katy Rouse.

Gary writes and reviews the safeguarding policy, informing all employees and volunteers of their roles and responsibilities. He has worked in Early Years for several years, completing the highest safeguarding qualifications in Greater Manchester. As well as being one of the club’s National League coaches, he works in higher education as an NVQ assessor. He has also been a nursery manager.

Katy is a teaching assistant in a local school and is heavily involved in basketball. She has helped run a local league basketball club and often works as a volunteer on a range of Basketball England events. Katy’s children also take part in National League and community basketball at GMCB. Contact details for Gary and Katy, as well as information about safeguarding at GMCB, are included in the club’s recently updated safeguarding policy.

Safeguarding policy document (pdf file)


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